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PRICE: €242



Our studio also includes:
Personal sewing machine with shared mannequins
Three-thread overlocker,
 Four-thread overlocker, iron press and tailoring hams
As well as small equipment for rented use 
(Paper scissors, threads, measuring tapes, rulers)

In this, 8 week course, we’ll be sharing the stories that bond us to the clothes we wear. Releasing hidden messages from our past and transforming them into reflective pieces of work and change.

Choosing to use old clothing parts or learn how to copy its patterns, and build something new from that which we have.

We’ll be exploring the relationship between our bodies and the fabric that dresses them. Whilst being introduced and guided in using the sewing machine as your tool. 

You will also learn the basics of pattern-cutting and how to build your personal pattern library from your own wardrobe.

Friday's 18.30 - 20.30
October 7 - November 25

Past students who join the TNSS community through a course or workshop receive free access to the studio space on Sunday's.

At the start of the course, we introduce ourselves to each other and to the space. Initiating the story-telling by sharing our reasons, pathways and crossroads that have brought us together to this joint destination. 

We’ll then spend time creating individual design plans that we’ll be working on for the duration of the 8 week course. This is where you’ll be prompted to answer internal questions and feelings with design solutions, using the language of fabric and clothing to communicate your thoughts and emotions.

Every lesson starts off with a practical tutorial where you are taught different techniques and methods on how to use the sewing and pattern-cutting tools as your aid. During the workshop the floor opens up for listening, sharing words and reflective thoughts with each other through conversation. 

As the course continues these memories, feelings, and the way we see them change with each week, as conversations deepen the further we work into the seams of the clothing. As it gets taken apart and placed back together through your eyes.

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