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Safe Space Studio

We know sewing can be an amazing self-care practice towards our mental health. That's why part of our mission is create safe spaces for everyone without pressure.
All class levels are designed to give you the chance to feel safe, heard and seen whilst working on your projects at your own pace.
We create relaxed environments where you can find focus and understanding.

Build your own

The New Sewing School is a growing collaboration of independent sewing and fashion professionals and aficionados! We welcome everyone into our community with many students start as beginners and develop their skills together forming communities of their own!

Full Attention and Guidance

With a small class size of 2-4 students per class, our spaces are comfortable and personal. You get full 1-on-1 attention every week, with personal guidance and tutoring tailored to you and your vision. This means within a short time, you'll start to see your sewing and craft knowledge, abilities and confidence grow!

Embroidery 101
by Viivi Valpuri

Awaken the embroiderer inside
Resumes 2022


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