I'm Sefe Hanson

and I founded and proudly run The New Sewing School since June 2020.

I studied at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, graduating from the Manchester Fashion Institute in Fashion Design & Technology.

I first fell in love with the glamour and escapism of fashion & sewing as a child.
I've since then been a fanatic in creating clothes as an amazing creative outlet.

I began to share my knowledge of sewing as a private tutor to pre-university students in 2015.
I believed a head start by understanding the core aspects to garment construction and pattern-cutting
was an essential tool to help them focus on honing their creative potential.

Hoping to create a solid foundation that intervenes with the well-known mental health strain and exhaustion 
brought on by the overwhelming pressure of art and fashion academic studies and industry standards.

I fell in love with the act of sharing all I have learnt very quickly as I continued to tutor

to people of all ages and experiences in my hometown, Manchester.

Once moving to the Netherlands, I created this sewing school with the core idea
of bringing people together from all walks of life to learn a creative craft in a welcoming community environment.

Where the standards of perfection are abolished, replaced with self empowerment and radical acceptance.
Finding beauty in our abilities no matter the skill level, whilst still nurturing our ambition to grow.

Helping others gain confidence in their own skills is my goal.
By the end of each course, I aim to ensure TNSS has it's student's feeling free
to start their own projects and ideas, and to push their own boundaries.

You can find technical details mixed in with background context on the function of a technique or style.
To help students know not just the what and how, but also the why when it comes to sewing.
Forming their own deeper understanding of the context of this practice.

I'll be running draping courses and various workshops!