I'm Viivi Valpuri

When I was 5 years old my favourite umbrella broke. So I turned it into a skirt and I've had a special relationship with clothes ever since. When I was young my mom would sew our clothes for us and teach me to sew too, a talent she'd learned from my grandmother. I firmly believe that clothes are more than just pieces of fabric we use to protect ourselves from the outside world. They are a way of revealing ourselves to the world telling others and ourselves who we are.

"Many garments carry in them the moments and memories
that have been woven into them by time
[and] by the moments when we’ve worn them."

- Viivi Valpuri, Embroidery Teacher

I became a Costume Designer in order to tell more stories through the garments, convey ideas and bring characters and the worlds they inhabit alive working through the media of films and traditional theatre companies both throughout Holland and Finland. I am now finishing my Masters Degree in Theatre Science, with Minors in Costume Design & Film. Together with Costume Design I harbour a special interest for Immersive Theatre, a form of theatre in which the audience is dipped deep into the created world. I’m definitely someone in who academical meets practical; I want both to get my hands dirty and my mind racing.

For me, embroidery is a mixture of meditation, creativity and magic; with such simple tools as just a thread and a needle you can create endless worlds and creations, Embroidery is a form with endless possibilities. The beauty of embroidery is also the fact that even for a complete beginner it is easy to pick up but then on the other hand very hard to ever finish, as there's always something new to learn and create!



Learn the basic embroidery techniques and how to transfer your designs onto fabric!

I'll be running embroidery courses and various workshops!