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The Fashion Design classes altered for children can help strengthen their critical thinking skills when designing by being encouraged to plan ahead when materializing abstract ideas. This will be related to knowing which fabrics, materials and components she’ll need, and the order in which to sew each pattern. 

In these ongoing classes she will also be taught a range of construction and decorative sewing techniques, from frills, gathers and pleats to pockets, fastenings and finer finishings, to increase the quality of their designs.

There’s also the choice, at an extra cost, to have an additional class that focuses on developing their fashion illustration, both manual and digital.

The classes will be structurally based around an initial design chosen by me and re-design collaboratively with the student. We will go through the initial planning phases together all the way to final creation in full fabric, which will be documented and saved in a personal file. This file will include:

  • Fabric and trimming selection
  • Order of assembly planning
  • Practice samples of finishings and design details
  • Practice samples of specific construction techniques, such as pockets or collars
  • Easy to follow pattern decoder
  • Patterns of the design for her to keep

This file then becomes a tool for revision and evidence of personal progression for her to look back on and be proud of.

One full project usually takes up to 10 weeks, including the initial planning and sampling stage and final construction. But this is dependent on the pace of the student, as all my classes also aim to be a flexible and no-pressure spaces of learning.