Both positive and negative feedback is much appreciated to help me develop a course that is much better suited to you. 

Giving honest feedback can feel daunting,
that's why the school welcomes anonymous responses too!
So you can feel more comfortable in passing on information that it can learn and improve from.
In the email box you may place to remain hidden.


Please feel free to comment your thoughts in the form below and if possible, give as much details on the following aspects:

- Quality of lessons
Do you feel the knowledge gained is worth the value?
- Lesson time
Was the lesson time given enough to finish the project comfortably?
- Lesson structure
- Quality of teaching
Do you feel like you are given enough attention, correction and/or guidance?
Is the information given communicated well and clearly?
Do you feel comfortable and welcomed by the teacher?

- The Atelier Space
What would you like to see in the studio space?
Any extra equipment or decorations?
How did you feel about the way the Corona measures were handled at The Atelier

Feedback Form