Founder of The New Sewing School

Teacher in the practice of fabric autonomy, she includes the unconventional learning of fabric as a personified body during the creative sewing process we can bring the benefits of holistic elements in to heal our relationship with consumption & production.

Influenced by the cultural dressing by way of wrapping fabric around the body to re-create clothes daily, Omosefe teaches how to embody the emotion, elegance and beauty in moulding and creating art through the fluid form of fabric.



Founder of TR Cutting School

Japanese artist and pattern-cutting master will hold a 2 day workshop on 27. & 28. October as part of the DESIGN & DRAPE course. Introducing his TR technique to The New Sewing School.

Shingo has gained global recognition for his “transformative reconstruction” pattern-cutting technique which is an innovative take on design and pattern manipulation which has captivated the industry and fashion enthusiasts alike.

During the course he will share his technique for 3D pattern-making, melanging aspects from the draping and the traditional pattern-cutting method.