Learn how to create flat patterns from draping fabric on a mannequin, whilst sewing their matching toiles (prototypes). You'll be taught intermediate-level finishing techniques for both upper & lower body clothing types that will raise the quality & finish of your sewing.

Through documentation, you'll begin to build your own pattern research library for containing instructions & pictures to make different silhouettes & details. With samples of pattern alterations for different body shapes & sizes.


We break down & simplify the theory behind draping, guiding you to become familiar with the body's anchor points & how to use the straight & bias grain to drape (and understanding what those things mean).

In this DRAPING SERIES you work directly with your hands, learning pinning etiquette and hand motions to achieve the best lay of fabric to the body. Through this hand-to-eye technique, you will naturally learn to recognise the curves of the body and their flat pattern form.


We'll get you inspired by the works of past designers & contemporary makers with in-class studies and practical tutorials recreating their creative draping techniques.

In class you will begin manipulating fabric to drape beautiful intricate designs or powerful statement silhouettes in the style of past legends. This will be your starting point, where you'll learn to experiment combining & refining different techniques to create new designs.

At the end, you would have made A FULLY FINISHED TOILE OF YOUR OWN DESIGN, with knowledge to design & drape from scratch.