Perfect the basics of laying fabric on the mannequin to create clothing in this 6 weeks design & draping workshop


In 36 hours, you'll learn how to drape like a designer, hanging and pinning fabric together to sculpt your design in real time.

Work on your 2D to 3D spatial awareness,
using hands to mould and learn about fabric
 & the human body.

This course is suited for a wide range of skill levels. At the minimum, you must be comfortable sewing straight lines on the sewing machine. But you can also be a professional, or a confident sewist, looking to expand into a new specialism designing with drape.

Learn how to create clothes by experimenting with the art of draping in this 6 week workshop series. Build your understanding of fabric & the body naturally, through experimenting & research. 

By documenting your work with pictures and notes of the different styles, fabric and patterns you drape, you'll also be making your own personal pattern library. This tool will be used to create your own design by combining the techniques you've learnt.

A more hands-on approach to the traditional flat pattern-cutting technique, this workshop can be used to add creative flexibility to your at home projects and self-made wardrobes, or used as a statement addition to your portfolio or professional design process.